UCaaS vs. CCaaS: Which Cloud-Based Communication Is Best?

When you're in charge of optimizing business technology and communication, there are many different decisions that have to be made. The multitude of solutions available makes it difficult for CIOs and Directors of IT to determine which options best meet the specific needs of the business. Adler Advisors takes this hassle away by offering unbiased, trustworthy IT consulting services.

When considering UCaaS vs. CCaaS specifically, it’s imperative to discover why you need a UCaaS or CCaaS solution in the first place. What communication problem are you solving, and whom does it involve?

What Is UCaaS?

UCaaS (unified communications as a service) is hosted and delivered through a cloud communication tools vendor and is a unified communications app with different business tools. UCaaS helps you unify communication tools into one source, making it possible to streamline all business functions across all devices. Essentially, with UCaaS, you get one platform that lets you use a plethora of communication options that operate on multiple devices. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Monthly subscription, making it more affordable
  • Cheaper implementation
  • Advanced functionality
  • Increased flexibility
  • Streamlined processes
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Unified remote workers
  • Redundancy
  • Scalability
  • Reduced maintenance costs

UCaaS is a great option when you need to increase communication capabilities among internal team members. By implementing UCaaS, you can optimize your communications across your business, making it easier for your employees to communicate with each other and with your customers. Because of this, UCaaS is most beneficial for improving internal communication.

What Is CCaaS?

CCaaS, on the other hand, is contact center as a service. It represents a software solution that leads to greater capabilities than found on-premise. Through a CCaaS solution, it is possible for companies to offer customer support channels beyond voice and email. Omnichannel support includes features such as social, chat bots, AI, and text. 

Whereas UCaaS’s main benefits are internal, CCaaS has the ability to improve customer experience by offering reliable communication methods between your team members and your customers. The establishment of a call center can allow increased opportunities for businesses to meet the expectations of their customers. Some benefits of CCaaS include:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Desktop notifications
  • Quality assurance and coaching capabilities
  • Capability to integrate with existing software 
  • Enables you to quickly and easily establish a call center
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cost-effective

CCaaS is unique and helps you to build stronger relationships with your customers. CCaaS is great for those businesses that need to have streamlined communications with customers, such as sales agents. By having CCaaS, your business can establish remote call centers to help ensure smooth, efficient communication. 

What Makes the Most Sense for Me?

There's a lot to take in when considering what solution is the best option — UCaaS vs. CCaaS. You need to know your specific business needs to understand which will be best for you. Those who are looking for enhanced connectivity and internal security may opt for UCaaS, while businesses in need of external customer communication overhaul will lean to CCaaS.

There is a third option — integrating UCaaS and CCaaS to best meet your needs and achieve your objectives. At Adler Advisors, we know that each solution has advantages and disadvantages, and we can help you determine which one will best meet your needs. This is known as the Adler Advisors Way.

What Is the Adler Advisors Way?

The Adler Advisors Way consists of a six-step process that helps you determine the best custom solution for your business. We recognize the importance of unbiased consulting and are proud to leverage our 200+ partners to customize a solution with your needs in mind, not ours. All client engagements are custom-built to drive the outcomes your business seeks. Here’s how we do it:

  • Discovery and Assessment — A review of your tech stack and financial spend.
  • Bill Analysis — Identification of opportunities to save money through streamlined processes.
  • Vendor Selection (RFP) — An experienced account manager will simplify the vendor selection process and help you understand what each vendor offers.
  • Product Demos — Customized demonstrations that help you review the solutions available.
  • Dedicated Project Management — We offer white-glove service to ensure smooth implementation of your new solutions.
  • Ongoing Account Manager — Your dedicated account manager stays with you after implementation to troubleshoot errors and upgrade solutions.

Take the Next Steps

Communication is an important element of running any business. However, sourcing and implementing the best unified communications technology is easier said than done. Our team of advisors is ready to help you simplify the business technology buying process and solve your ongoing problems that limit productivity. Get started by contacting Adler Advisors today.