What Business Communication Solutions are Available for Your Company?

In today's highly competitive business environment, effective communication — both internally and externally — is the only way to beat the competition and stay ahead of the game. Slow network speeds, lack of access to information, data loss, and a flawed feedback system can become incredibly damaging.

There’s good news, though — you can get past all these challenges by investing in the best business communication solutions. In this comprehensive guide, we'll discuss five of the most advanced communication solutions, highlight the problems they seek to address, and explain the solutions they offer.


UCaaS is an acronym for unified communications as a service. Whereas the concept of unified communications has been around for some time, the recent introduction of the "as a service" idea makes it an entirely new technology. 

We can define UCaaS as a model that integrates and provides multiple communication services and collaboration apps in the cloud. In short, essential enterprise communication services and tools like messaging, phone calls, video/audio/web conferencing, file sharing, etc. are all available under one roof. 

UCaaS seeks to solve such problems as:

  • Uncertainty from different communication apps/software
  • Scaling concerns
  • The risk of conducting work communications on personal devices
  • Remote working difficulties

The solution?

UCaaS remedies the problems mentioned above by:

  • Increasing flexibility. Telecom solutions are incredibly versatile, enabling users to adapt to changes more quickly. 
  • Streamlining processes. By bringing all communication channels under one roof, UCaaS avails all essential customer communication information and data, such as call history and patterns, saving time and enhancing customer experience. 
  • Enhancing collaboration. You can interact with your colleagues and pick their minds on specific issues in real-time. 
  • Allowing continuity. If a customer calls a busy number, their calls can be forwarded to an unoccupied representative to enhance communication continuity. 
  • Enhancing scalability. With UCaaS, you can increase or reduce users effortlessly in response to seasonal workflows. 
  • Enabling remote work. Remote employees can access company communication tools and services on their devices and keep working as if they're on-site. 


CCaaS is the short form for contact center as a service. It is a software model that enables businesses and organizations to offer customer support services on the cloud, beyond phone and email. Instead of investing in an on-premise call center infrastructure (which is expensive to construct and maintain), a company can purchase the specific technology they need. The primary goal is to enhance customer experience while saving on integration, IT, and support costs. 

Here are some of the problems that CCaas tackles:

  • Customer frustrations 
  • Complexities of contact center management
  • Difficulties in providing customized customer interactions
  • Dissatisfaction with outsourced call centers

The solution? 

CCaaS solves the problems highlighted above by:

  • Enhancing customer experience by enabling customer support staff to deliver instant communications and quickly address any concerns.
  • Developing and maintaining empowered and engaged contact center agents, translating to the production of a better customer experience
  • Providing full-featured call center services, including but not limited to call routing, IVR, call whispering, and voicemail. 
  • Assessing and reporting customer behavior as well as recommending appropriate actions based on those findings. 
  • Incorporating multiple support channels beyond email and voice calls. These include chatbots, social networks, AI, and messaging. 


Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a virtual networking platform that companies can leverage to control the management, services, and connectivity between on-premise data centers and remote branches. SD-WAN aims to direct traffic across the network to increase efficiency and enhance user experience and performance, thus optimizing business agility and productivity. 

This business communication solution seeks to address networking challenges resulting from:

  • High latency
  • Congestion
  • Bandwidth issues

The solution?

To help enterprises overcome these roadblocks, SD-WAN provides the following solutions:

  • Enhancing business agility. By deploying such WAN services as firewall and bandwidth, businesses can comfortably distribute operations remotely or across various branches without relying on IT experts. 
  • Reducing costs by enabling direct cloud access, minimizing traffic, and keeping local internet access extremely low-cost. 
  • Lowering complexities by simplifying the WAN infrastructure. This involves automating task management, centralizing traffic management control, and leveraging broadband to off-load non-essential apps.
  • Improving performance. SD-WAN enables enterprises to configure and prioritize traffic for apps and services for reliable, high-quality connections that reduce latency and packet loss issues. 


Protecting your business against cyberattacks is just as critical as optimizing the customer experience. Regardless of size or influence, companies are always a target for attacks like malware, phishing, data theft, hacking, ransomware, etc. When such attacks occur, they leave enormous financial and reputational holes that are hard to fill. 

Some of the cybersecurity challenges include:

  • The vulnerability of crucial data and information to cyberattacks
  • Lack of a definitive cybersecurity law
  • The increasing complexity of the business and security environments
  • Cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated by the day

The solution? 

The best cyber threat remedies include:

  • Leveraging cloud-based storage for secure storage and access of sensitive company data. 
  • Adequately training employees, so they understand their role in enhancing cybersecurity.
  • Limiting or controlling employee access to critical information and data.
  • Acquiring cybersecurity software that reduces threats and prevents attacks.
  • Deploying data protection tools such as antivirus, antimalware, and firewall solutions to penetrate, test, and monitor web traffic, thus detecting any cyber threat.


Cloud computing is the latest technology buzzword that's transforming business operations drastically. It is the availability of computer system services and resources, e.g., data storage and computing power, without direct user management. In other words, it's the delivery of critical services and applications over the internet, directly from the provider's server. 

Cloud services aim to address the following business problems:

  • Difficulty in accessing information and communication
  • Work-from-home challenges
  • Data loss due to untrustworthy connections
  • Scaling concerns

The solution?

By hosting information/communication offsite, cloud services solve all the problems highlighted above by:

  • Enhancing scalability. Cloud services enable companies to scale their business communication solutions depending on the changing user needs. 
  • Lowering costs. Cloud services eliminate the need to run and maintain an on-premise data center or acquire software licenses. 
  • Improving flexibility. Companies can only procure services or apps that they need. If the demand decreases, they can easily adjust their services. 

Final Remarks

With these six business communication solutions, your company will be better positioned to improve workplace efficiency, productivity, customer experience, staff engagement, and satisfaction. No more slow network speeds, cybersecurity threats, limited information access, network outages, or internal communication challenges. 

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